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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Kiuas singer Ilja Jalkanen quits!

If you have read some of my posts, like this one, you would know that I am a big fan of Kiuas! Today, Ilja Jalkanen just announced that he quit Kiuas because of the fact that "My heart is not in heavy metal anymore, and a great band like Kiuas deserves a singer completely dedicated to the music." I am very devistated by this because they were a power metal band on the rise in Finland and they were just starting to get big with him in the band! They were up and coming and this news is just hard to hear because his vocals were vastly improving on every album! I hope Kiuas finds a good replacement because it is hard to find a unique singer nowadays. Kiuas is a great band, but Ilja's vocals gave them a sound that no other power metal band had! Sure for some people, his unique voice was hard to adjust too and some just never liked his voice, but Ilja gave Kiuas an edge! The four albums of great music with Ilja will never be forgotten! I wish Ilja and Kiuas the best!

You can read the main article here.


CanuckFan said...

Remember how I felt when Tanja left DoD?

Almagest said...

I haven't listened to a lot of their music but I see your point ... his departure is a HUGE blow to the band.

This is a quite different situation to bands like Nightwish who are already established and well-known brands, or say Genesis, who were able to overcome this kind of situation.

However, as much as this sucks for the band and their fans, I have to give Ilja Kulkanen credit for his openness and honesty, and for following his heart instead of a promising career. It must have been a tremendously difficult decision for him, but I can see how hard it must be to give your best in a job like this when your heart isn't in it anymore! A frontman (or frontwoman, for that matter) should really be into the music his band is making, so as to be able to give the audience one hell of a show!

Almagest said...

Jalkanen, sorry. I should proofread more attentively >_<

Eric James said...

@ Almagest

I agree that he was at least honest about why he quit and openly admitted that metal was not in his interest anymore. I find it interesting as to why he just decided this all of a sudden! But man, I really think this band could have been the next big power metal band like Strato or Sonata in the upcoming years with him as their frontman. Maybe they still will with a different singer. I am definately hoping!

@ Canuck

Yeah, what happened with Tanja leaving DoD was quite sad for sure! Now I know how you feel! :/