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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Today is Canada Day! There will be partying, and I believe I will be downing some margaritas later on today!

In celebration, I thought I'd highlight a few Canadian artists for you.

First we have Anemonia, a Gothic metal outfit from Montreal. Apparently, their singer, Cassiopee, was in the short list to replace Tarja in Nightwish. This is a great song by Anemonia called "Enchanting Melodies of Eternal Night."

Blackguard also hails from Montreal and they are one hard-working band, having toured with Ensiferum and Epica to name a few. James has actually seen them live and he said they put on a great show. While their music isn't exactly my cup of tea, I still admire their work ethic and speed - and they have a female drummer! This is "Scarlet to Snow" from their only CD so far, Profugus Mortis.

Finally, a female fronted power metal band from Quebec City (are you seeing the theme, here? La Belle Province is the metal hub in this country!), Forgotten Tales. Here is "Sanctuary" from their first album, The Promise.


Eric James said...

Nice post! Yeah, and Canada Day happens to be on my birthday too! So today is my 26th birthday and it really is indeed easy to remember what day Canada Day is on for me! XD

CanuckFan said...

Happy birthday, Eric! Hope you had a great day!

Anonymous said...

hm... so they were not so against classical singer.

Sorcha said...

Great songs! Knew them all, exept the first one. Very cool band!

@ Eric James: Hope you had a happy Birthday :D

Eric James said...

@ Sorcha and CanuckFan

Thanks! :D

Winterstorm said...

Happy belated birthday, EJ!

Québec is indeed much more European than the rest of Canada, especially when it comes to metal.