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Monday, July 19, 2010

Come Cover Me: Crawling

OK...I have been bold enough to admit here before that I like Linkin Park. On their Hybrid Theory CD, the opening song was this piece called "Crawling." It's definitely not my favourite track on that album (that would be a toss-up between "In the End" and "Papercut") but it's still a song I like well enough. Here it is:

Now, while surfing around YouTube a couple of years ago, I stumbled upon a German act called Angelzoom. The brainchild of Claudia Uhle, I did some listening and I actually liked what I heard. She has a great voice, and her music is...relaxing. It's kind of hard to categorize: sort of electronica, sort of New Age, very ethereal. Whatever it is, it's certainly not metal. Why they are signed with Nuclear Blast I cannot tell you, but signed they are (same goes for Indica :|). Anyway, the band's self titled album contained a very familiar song...You guessed it - a cover of Linkin Park's "Crawling."

When I first heard this version, I thought, WTF? Now when I listen to it, my thoughts are pretty much the same. Not a fan of this cover at all. Take a listen yourself.

The original has power and edge and anger. The cover is as limp as a wet noodle and lacks all the energy the original had. As I have said before, some things you should just not fuck with!


Sorcha said...

Lol. You make it sounds like liking Linkin Park is something to be ashamed for, somehting that you should hide from the rest of the world. They aren't my fav. band either, but they have nice songs. Shouldn't be that someone should be ashamed for liking a band..

Angelzoom's version isn't bad at all. Absolutely as good as Linkin Parks version. Maybe even a bit better. Don't like her voice so much in this song though. She can do better!

Anonymous said...

nothing beats "one step closer", but yeah their new album is smth to be ashemed of.:/

Hairul: The No 1 COB authority and expert said...

LOL Linkin Park? I'd do Soilwork any other day haha.

Hairul: The No 1 COB authority and expert said...

LOL Linkin Park, Soilwork any other day man!