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Monday, July 19, 2010

Ballads Away: Away

Not only do I think Nightwish's "Away" is an underrated ballad period, I also think it's one of Nightwish's most underrated songs period. It's very simple, but it's very lovely, I think, and I particularly like the harmonies. Another great track from Over the Hills and Far Away, though in the biography, Tarja called this song a piece of crap, and Tuomas said he didn't like it either. I don't get it!


Sorcha said...

I don't like away very much either. It isn't their worst song by far, but they have a lot better ballads.

Anonymous said...

"a piece of crap":o not at all

Florian Blaschke said...

I like it. It's certainly not bad, it's just that many other songs are better. I've always wondered about this song because the verses sound odd-time-y to me, but perhaps it's an illusion.