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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Underrated Metal Bands #4: Pharaoh

For the longest time, it is believed that American metal has lost it's steam and hasn't really been good since perhaps the late 80s and early 90s. What came was a surge of alternative rock and nu metal, and good old fashioned American metal as we knew it was going completely out the door. Europe once again retook their position as kings of metal as soon as America ran out of steam. Though there are bands like Iced Earth who kept the old American metal sound fresh and of course Symphony X in progressive metal, it still was not enough as the music scene shifted into a different direction in the mainstream market. But there was one band who did not want to follow trends and wanted to show that American metal is not dead yet. This band is Pharaoh.

I just discovered this band about 2 hours ago, got to listen to most of their discography and wow, I am impressed, especially for a modern American power metal act! The quartet power metal band from Philadelphia was formed in 1997 with the intention that America can compete in the genre of power metal once again. Led by vocalist Tim Aymar with his amazing voice and honestly can be ranked up there in skill along with the likes of other great American metal singers like Dio, Russell Allen, Jon Olivia, and James Hetfield. Their guitarist extraordinaire Matt Johnson is also worth noting. He has shown in this band that he can play as well as anyone in power metal.

Pharaoh has three albums out, with Be Gone being perhaps their best out of the three of what I heard. It is difficult to find good or hell any kind of power metal in America these days, but I really have found a gem in this band. Very underground and very real, they cannot be missed. So if you are into good old fashioned power metal mixed with some of the elements that Dio and Savatage have put together over the years plus with some European and NWOBHM influences, then this is up your alley! Very underrated indeed! Rock on! \m/


Pharaoh's page


Sorcha said...

Sounds very interesting and good!

CanuckFan said...

Thanks for the recommend, James! I will definitely check them out when I have some time!