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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Finnish Metal Music Videos: Women In Bathtubs (Some Metal Humor)

The new Kiuas music video for the single "Of Love, Lust and Human Nature" was just released from the band this morning and it got me thinking of something. Since the video had a woman laying in a bathtub naked, it got me thinking of other Finnish metal music videos that had this very similar thing in their videos as well. It's just very ironic that I know of THREE videos that have women laying in bathtubs. Well that is something that I am going to share here for fun. Enjoy!

This is the new Kiuas video. (with a naked woman laying in a bathtub beginning @ 2:16)

Wolf & Raven video for Sonata Arctica. (A naked woman in a bathtub @ 3:00)

Nightwish's Sleeping Sun music video. (Tarja in a random bathtub @ 1:00, though not naked)

Is it just me, or is this just a trend among Finnish bands? If anyone knows of any other videos with women in bathtubs, let me know if I missed any! Rock on! \m/


Hairul: The No 1 COB authority and expert said...

I so loving the song and story behind Of Love, Lust and Human Nature, it reminds me of my past relationships, gives me the chills in the good way.

CanuckFan said...

I always wondered about that Sleeping Sun video...I just don't get that bathtub thing AT ALL. I have no idea WTF the makers of that video were thinking.

As for the SA video...Also completely bizarre but in a different way. Not sure what to think about that, but there is some odd imagery going on in there, too.

The Kiuas video is actually not bad, IMO; very slick for those guys, I think. And it's a really good song to boot!

Sorcha said...

Tarja in a random bathtub @ 1:00, though not naked

That almost sounds disapointed :p

Don't get the bathtub thing neither. Especially in Sleeping Sun. But then I also don't get the second clip with Sleeping Sun.

CanuckFan said...

@ Sorcha: the second Sleeping Sun video at least has some kind of story line, even though it's not necessarily related to the subject matter of the song (when does that ever actually happen? :P). The first video is just dominated by a seemingly random image (the bathtub) that makes no sense at all.

Winterstorm said...

HAHA, actually I mentioned the Sleeping Sun video to Hairul as well when he showed me the Kiuas video and mentioned the chick in the bathtub! Didn't know the Sonata video though, thanks for pointing it out.