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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Come Cover Me: Van Canto does "Primo Victoria"

The timing of this was nice: the day before I went to see Sabaton in Vancouver, I came across this new video by German a capella metal band Van Canto.  It features Sabaton singer Joakim Broden.  You'd think I'd have used this tiny piece of news as a conversation piece when I actually met Joakim at the Sabaton merch table after the band's set, but no, I acted like a tongue-tied teenaged twit instead.  More on all that later, though...

I've always liked Van Canto, but they seem to get a lot of haters.  I think they are innovative, creative, and excellent.  I wasn't as stoked about their last album because I thought the female vocals were not playing as big a role as they had in previous releases, but I have yet to get hold of their current CD.

I like this version of Sabaton's "Primo Victoria" a lot.  Here is the original.

And here is Van Canto's version:

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