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Monday, December 20, 2010

New Sirenia: The End of it All

So, here is Sirenia's new single:

OK...My thoughts upon hearing this were along the lines of "this sounds soooooo much like The Path to Decay and Lost in Life from the previous album."

I don't want to make too many assumptions about their upcoming release based on one song, but shit, what has happened to this band? Back in the day Sirenia used to make some very decent, dark, atmospheric Gothic metal. What changed? The appearance of Nuclear Blast in their life is one theory.

Even the guitar solo sounds like all the rest from The 13th Floor!

People complain about Nightwish turning sappy and poppy and about Tuomas's obsession with the same depressing themes. I say Sirenia is a far, far more egregious example of a sell-out band who changed it's tune to become more commercially viable. Morten's themes haven't changed one iota, either, and because they are so simply expressed, the repetitiveness is even more aggravating.

Anyway, I am curious but not optimisitc.

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Almagest said...

Well, Morten Veland considers Evanescence his model now for Sirenia, apparently. But the difference between old (I mean REALLY old) and new NW, and the commercialisation of their sound, isn't any less crass, really. At least Sirenia have always used "pop" vocals! And already At Sixes and Sevens was quite easy to listen to compared to early Tristania.