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Sunday, November 7, 2010

New Blackmore's Night Video

While Blackmore's Night isn't metal, I post about them here because A) Richie Blackmore is metal and B) I discovered this band on the Metal from Finland forum as they were recommended to me by, if memory serves, a dude calling himself The Seer. I was really happy with this new find; I love their music. Wherever you are Seer, thanks for introducing me to these guys!

This is the new video from Blackmore's Night, "Highland." Their latest CD, Autumn Sky, was released in Europe in September and will be availabe in North America in January. On an interesting little side note, Candice Night, who is 39, recorded the CD while pregnant. Go Candice!

More details about the album are here.

And here is the video. Enjoy!

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