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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Looking Forward to 2011 and Release Updates

Not all the CDs I was looking forward to coming out this fall have materialized, which is rather disappointing. Looks like some of the big ones I was anticipating are not slated for early 2011 release. Well, better late than never.

These include:

Within Temptation: I cannot seem to find anything official on their website, but I have heard other places Feb - March 2011. Speaking of their web site, I quite like it; it's very organized and well-designed.

Delain: Their Facebook updates say they are recording and their web site says the new album will come out in spring 2011, to be followed shortly thereafer by a tour.

Crimfall: their second album is also due out in spring 2011, according to their web site. The band has also been signed to Spinefarm records, which is excellent news indeed. I cannot wait for this CD to come out!

Borealis, my favourite Canadian metal band: the good news is that they are playing lots of shows and getting some good exposure. Their Facebook page says they are hoping to release their second CD in the spring.

Evanescence: well, they have not made an announcement on their web site since last spring, which said the next album was slated for a late 2010 release. Well, it's getting late in 2010, and I have seen or heard nothing yet about the release actually being released. So, not exactly sure what's going on here. However, a new single, "Together Again" is availble for download on iTunes, though there is no official video for it as of yet. But here it is:

I like it.

Other bands I'm a fan of coming out with new stuff in 2011:

Leaves' Eyes. I've been following them on Facebook, too, and they are in the studio! Woo-hoo! Expected release is...wait for it...sometime in spring 2011. In the meantime, they are playing a concert in Goa, India, which is very exciting for them.

Midnattsol: They have recorded all the music and released the title, which is The Metamorphosis Melody. Here is a nice little video featuring Carmen talking about the title, complete with some samples. At the end it indicates that a release date will be announced soon. Not soon enough! I love this band and I was really happy with what samples I did hear on the video, so I am really, really looking forward to The Metamorphosis Melody!

Imperia: I really liked Imperia's Queen of Light album a lot, and I was happy to see on Blabbermouth that the band is going back into the studio to record a follow up. Who knows when it'll be released, though.

Visions of Atlantis: The most recent news about their new album on their MySpace page, from October 11, says that the recording is finished and they are in the process of mixing & mastering. Their Facebook page shows that they are touring in early 2011 with Rhapsody of Fire. So hopefully the new album, with their new singer, Maxi Nil, will be out soon.

If you like Lunatica, which I do, it looks like they have something in the works, though not much is said on their web site about it other than the new album will feature a re-recorded version of a song from Atlantis.

Lacuna Coil, whom I used to like but was pretty upset with their Shallow Life release (ugh) appears to be in songwriting mode, according to their Facebook page. I do hope they come out with something reminiscent of the LC I used to know & love.

And then of course, there is Nightwish, whose follow up to DPP is slated for a late 2011 release - in other words, a year from now. :(

And that is it for now. If anyone has any others they'd like to mention, please leave a comment!

Edit November 16: Sirenia just issued an update, seen here on Blabbermouth. So, a new album from them at the end of January, and lo an behold, it contains more than 9 tracks this time (unlike their previous CD). I was disappointed with The 13th Floor, so we'll have to see what this one sounds like.

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sorcha said...

Cool. I didn't knew a couple of these releases. Maybe nice to know, WT have given the name and source of inspiration from the new album.