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Friday, July 18, 2014

Tarja's new album 'Left In The Dark'

While we're waiting for Tarja's new rock album, which she is already recording, we get the chance to buy new album 'Left in the Dark'.The title of the album may sound familiar to you. Basically, we get previously unreleased material such as demos, instrumental versions, live acoustic radio recordings and B-sides from 'Colours in the Dark'.


1. Victim of Ritual (demo)
2. 500 letters (acoustic recording)
3. Lucid Dreamer (demo)
4. Never Enough (demo progression)
5. Mystique Voyage (demo)
6. Into the Sun (studio version)
7. Deliverance (instrumental)
8. Neverlight (full orchestra version)
9. Until Silence (acoustic recording)
10. Medusa (Tarja's solo version)

Neverlight - Full Orchestra Version Video

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