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Monday, June 23, 2014

Female Vocalists You Should Know About

We have all heard of Liv, and Tarja, and Floor, etc.  They require no introduction.

But there are TONS of female vocalists out there who are little known and need some cowbell.  So do the bands they front.  This series is intended to give some exposure to those female vocalists and their bands.

First up, Rute Fevereiro of Portugese Gothic metal band Enchantya.

Why you should check her out: because she's powerful and versatile, with the ability to growl with the big boys and sing in an angelic clean vox.  This girl has some range, peeps!

Enchantya's debut album, which came out in September of 2012, is entitled Dark Rising and was a really promising release by a band who've been around a while.  I reviewed the album for Sonic Cathedral, and you can read that here for more information.

In February 2013, Enchantya released a video for its song "Dark Rising".

Link love for Rute and Enchantya:

Rute's Facebook page
Enchantya on Facebook
Enchantya's web site

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