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Sunday, November 17, 2013

Within Temptation's new album Hydra

Within Temptation will release their 6th studio album 'Hydra' on January 31st, 2014. This is what the band
has to say about the album: The Hydra, a mythological serpent creature from ancient Greece couldn't be killed. When one of its heads was cut off, two more grew in its place. Commented by Robert Westerholt: "Hydra is a perfect title for our new album, because like the monster itself, the record represents the many different sides of our music."

We will also get the chance to listen to several guest musicians such as Tarja Turunen, Dave Pirner of Soul Asylum, Howard Jones formerly of Killswitch Engage and US hip-hop icon Xzibit.


1. Let Us Burn
2. Dangerous feat. Howard Jones
3. And We Run feat. Xzibit
4. Paradise (What About Us?) feat. Tarja
5. Edge Of The World
6. Silver Moonlight
7. Covered By Roses
8. Dogs Days
9. Tell My Why
10. Whole World Is Watching feat. Dave Pirner
11. Radioactive (originally performed by Imagine Dragons) (BONUS TRACK)
12. Summertime Sadness (originally performed by Lana del Ray) (BONUS TRACK)
13. Let Her Go (originally performed by Passenger) (BONUS TRACK)
14. Dirty Dancer (originally performed by Enrique Iglesias) (BONUS TRACK)
15. And We Run - evolution track (BONUS TRACK)
16. Silver Moonlight - evolution track (BONUS TRACK)
17. Covered By Roses - evolution track (BONUS TRACK)
18 Tell My Why - evolution track (BONUS TRACK)
19. Paradise (What About Us?) feat. Tarja  - Music Video exclusive to iTunes premium version

Track 1-10 new album tracks of Hydra
Track 11-19 bonus tracks iTunes premium version

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