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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Move Over Finland

It's been approximately one year or so since I started reviewing for two metal web zines, Sonic Cathedral and Black Wind Metal.  The promo materials are ridiculous.  I haven't had to buy or download as much as I used to, which is great.  One of the big surprises for  me in the past year is the shear amount of metal coming out of that country mainly known for Lacuna Coil, Italy.  Italy is, I think, the new powerhouse of metal.  Here is a list of bands I've discovered in the past year that  have come from there.

1. Crysalys
2. Dama
3. Setanera
4. Evenoire
5. Ancient Bards
6. SinHeresY
7. Pursuing the End
8. Sound Storm
9. Armonight (not exactly total metal, but still good hard rock)
10. Regardless of Me
11. Synful Ira
12. MasterCastle
13. Silent Opera (there is a French band with the same name)
14. Maledia

That's 14 freaking bands I alone have come across - and there will be more, I guarantee you!  This is by no means a complete list of Italian bands.  I'm only trying to demonstrate how many I have discovered myself in one year alone.

If you have any recommendations for me, leave them in the comments!

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