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Friday, April 20, 2012


Today Nightwish announced their North American tour dates.  Here is the schedule.  As you can see Kamelot is opening for them.

As you can also see, there are only two Canadian dates, both back east, one in Montreal Sept. 19 and one in Toronto Sept. 20.  As a western Canadian already alienated from the hub of the metal music scene (there is a west coast metal scene, but we still don't get as many big acts as the east does), I am supremely pissy about the lack of western Canadian Nightwish gigs.  Would it have killed them to include at least ONE fucking western Canadian city?  Calgary? Vancouver?  Even Winnipeg!  But no, once again, western Canada gets the shaft (we have also been given the shaft with Sabaton's current North American tour, amongst others).

I acknowledge that I am close enough to Seattle to go there for a gig, however on top of the $35 (or possibly more) ticket, I have to pay $76 for a train trip, plus extras that come with going to another city/country.  Usually, I have a friend to stay with in Seattle, but this date will not work with her schedule, so that might be out.  Plus it's a pain in the ass!

Fuck you King Foo!!!!  I will go and see Epica instead November 10 - RIGHT HERE IN VANCOUVER!

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