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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Who's Going to Paganfest 2012?

I am!  I just bought my ticket for the Seattle show and it was a very reasonable $20 plus $2.24 for fees.  The dollar is at par these days so it's an even better deal!  I have a friend in Seattle I can stay with, but she's not into metal (though she did accompany me to Sabaton/Evergrey in October) so I am going to the event alone.  But I'm cool with that!

The bill includes, as you can see from the poster, Turisas, Alestrom, Ex Deo (I have no idea who they are), Arkona, and Huntress.  I have seen Arkona live before, in December in Vancouver, when they opened for Korpiklaani. They were great live and I'm stoked that I'm going to get another opportunity to see them live so soon!

The Seattle show is April 15.  Can't wait!

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Amber said...

Hey there! I was checking out the upcoming Paganfest line-up and ran across your blog. As for the line-up I'm only knowledgeable about Turisas. A friend of mine gave me tickets to the show here in Seattle, I'll be there alone too. I'm hoping it'll be a great time.