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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Come Cover Me: Amaranth by Raevyn

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have male classical singer in Nightwish? This YT video will give you a bit of idea. I found it on official forum of Nightwish today and I have to say I don't like it at all. There are comments which are very positive but I can't understand why. I mean, I don't mind the fact that the song is sung by male, but the voice itself is bad. But whatever it is just my opinion after all. This guy calls himself Raevyn and has couple of Nightwish songs on his official YT channel.

 "Reach", the demo version of "Amaranth" sung by Marco, sounds much better and it is no secret that I like it more than the album version "Amaranth". 

So, do you like it?


CanuckFan said...

This is bizarre! It almost seems like a parody rather than a valid cover. The video is laughable: his make-up, his outfit, his facial expression while fondling weeds & wildflowers, and someone wasn't thinking about the lighting too much because for part of the video the shadow under his nose looks like a Hitler mustache.

And he messes up the lyrics.

Marco's version is definitely the best.

Eric James said...
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Eric James said...

I think the timing in the vocals are off and it sounds out of key at times. The other NW songs he covered on YouTube aren't that much better either. Good try, but he definitely needs to work on his voice.

Sorcha said...

Lol sounds like a parody indeed. The guy has some talent but really needs to work on it.

Marco's version is indeed best. Oh and why the official forum is positive about it: these are people that like Anette Olzon. That should say enough :P
(this probaply get's deleted but I really couldn't resist it. sorry)

Aleja said...

Hey, today while looking for some information of the upcoming Imaginaerum movie I enter your blog. It's really good!(mainly that part "come cover me" I liked it a lot).
About the song...Well, it's weird to listen a man singing this song, and his voice doesn´t really fit this song. I prefer Marco's demo.

Greetings from Peru.

Anonymous said...

He did a different version live. It sounds better by a long shot. Interesting too how he has "Reach" in the song.