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Monday, May 3, 2010

Underrated Metal Bands #6: Wuthering Heights

Thanks to Jon's blog post of a CD review, I discovered a new band.

Folk metal has always been a genre full of surprises. Some bands I have been impressed with and others not so much. So what would happen if Tyr, Symphony X, Ensiferum, and Sonata Arctica made a band together? Well, that would be the result of all of those bands put together for this unique band that is Wuthering Heights out of Denmark. I think this band is named after the famous book by Emily Brontë since the themes of this band are very fantasy and literature related.

Led by vocalist Nils Patrik Johansson, who is also the vocalist for the Swedish heavy metal band Lion's Share as well as Astral Doors, is where this band gets its' full potential. His vocals really shine in this band and gives them the edge they need in order to impress metal fans everywhere. He reminds me of Ronnie James Dio in a way, only with a little more low end and a little more distinctiveness from his style. Really good stuff. And then you have the folksy guitar work provided by Erik Ravn and Martin Arendal. Both have great skill and can play with the best in the business from what I heard of this band.

Not only does this band have good musicians, but also they have a very unique folk sound of their own. Their fun folkish styled music mixed with the epic feel of any good melodic european metal band gives us a treat in the making. It's something you cannot miss! Fans of epic metal anywhere will drink this up faster than a bottle of rum! Very underrated in folk/power/progressive metal! Rock on! \m/


Wurthering Heights home page

Wuthering Heights page

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CanuckFan said...

Go Jon! I have discovered a lot of bands thanks to him, and this is another. WH is really good and unique and I am really enjoying "Salt" a lot.