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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Come Cover Me: Part One of a New Series

There are so many covers out there to explore that I felt this category deserved a series of its own here. I really enjoy hearing what people do to old songs to make them their own; some are great and indeed even better than the original version, and some are complete fails. I envision this series as including both good and bad covers - in my opinion, of course!

So, I'm going to start with a song that has a Canadian connection. She isn't metal, but I do love Alanis Morissette; she has written some lyrics that so accurately describe things that have happened in my life it's uncanny, and I really identify with her. Back in the 1998, she had a song called "Uninvited" included on the City of Angels soundtrack (no I have not seen the movie; I can't stand the two actors in it). I had a copy of this CD, but it got lost in one of my many moves during that decade, and for a while I'd actually totally forgotten about "Uninvited" until I stumbled across a Finnish Gothic metal band called Silentium. I believe I found these guys via Jon's blog where he did a review of their album Amortean, and I was stunned to find that they had done a cover of "Uninvited." I absolutely loved what they did to it.

Here is Alanis's original version (there is also a pretty decent live version here, with a symphony & everything):

And here is Silentium's version:

I love the mournful violins, and of course I love the heaviness and darkness Silentium brings to this song. Enjoy!


Anex said...

Interesting! I have always liked Alanis too.

CanuckFan said...

Hi Anex, and welcome! I thought this was a pretty cool cover, though I will always have a real soft spot for the original.